What are Concrete Slabs?

The team at Monaghan Groundworks are skilled in groundwork services that help in giving you the safest, most structurally sound architecture for your home.

If you are looking for groundwork services but are not sure what exactly you are after, why not consider concrete slabs. Concrete slabs tend to be used for more modern building work as they are completely solid blocks of concrete, so very difficult to get damaged.

They are horizontal slabs of steel reinforced concrete that are thick and most often used to help construct floors and ceilings. In many of our domestic jobs, we use concrete slabs as a support on the foundations or directly on the subsoil to construct the ground floor of a building. If the slab rests directly on the foundation it is ‘ground-bearing’, however if it doesn’t then it is ‘suspended’.

Why use concrete slabs?

When we construct buildings using concrete slabs, we usually lay them above a layer of insulation to keep the home running efficiently. This also makes it possible to include underfloor heating pipes in your home.

The slabs we use are prefabricated concrete slabs, which are built in a factory and transported, by us, to the site, ready to be lowered into place between steel or concrete beams. We hope this gives you an insight into the thought process behind constructing using concrete slabs, however if you are based in Crawley, Sussex or Surrey, or any of the surrounding areas and you have anymore questions or want to book this service in, please get in touch.