What is drainage?

The team at Monaghan Groundworks are a highly skilled one, who specialise in different types of groundwork services. One of our services include drainage options and solutions.

On occasion when there is adverse whether or a water leakage and the lad is flat, you can see surface water appearing just above your lawn. This is due to drainage problems, and having a sound drainage system is a high priority if you are looking at protecting your home and garden.

Why is drainage so important?

Eventually, if the water problems aren’t fixed then the collected water may weaken or undermine structures. This can sometimes be the most important issue for builders and landscapers due to high potential for damage.

If your drainage issues are not acted upon as soon as you notice them, they may lead to more substantial issues in the future, so as soon as you notice an increase in surface water, it is time to call in some help.

If you are based in Crawley, Sussex or Surrey, or any of the surrounding areas and want more information or to get some additional advice,get in touch.