Looking for a new fence for your perfect garden?

When selecting which fence you are after, there is more than meets the eye. Although you do have to like the design, the type of fence also plays a big part in this. Here at Monaghan Groundworks, we offer a range of fences to suit you. Below we have listed the different types of fencing available.

Closed Board Fencing

When the fences are vertically overlapped and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden rails.

Post & Rail Fencing

Normally found in Paddocks or in a field, good for keeping horses and other animals separated.

Acoustic Fencing

Acoustic Fencing is designed to reflect the noiseways, perfect for industrial building sites.

Agricultural Fencing

This attractive design will appeal to those who want a more unusual, retro look.

Sports & Leisure

These are normally industrial fencing found in sports centres (Round a Tennis Court).

Dog Proofing

These consist of metal wires, perfect for keeping dogs out of flower beds and neighbours gardens.