What are Footings?

Here at Monaghan Groundworks, we do our best to put you at ease with our highly qualified builders and maintenance team. We ensure that your house is in a safe condition for you to live, whilst maintaining efficiency and minimum disruption to your home and lifestyle..

If you are looking at improving the condition of your existing home or looking to renovate, we have the right team in place to help you with the job in hand.

If you are heading towards renovating your home and are looking at options of extensions, then why not consider have footings in place to ensure the security and safety of the building?

Underneath all our houses lies a foundation and underneath this lies footings. The footings undoubtedly are one of the most important parts of the building as they make it sturdy and liveable for us. The footing is the part underneath the foundations where our home meets the soil. Footings must be structurally sound to make your house safe, so it is important that they are laid correctly and using a trusted company, like ourselves.

Why footings are so important?

It is important that this element is properly designed and constructed. As they must not only support their own weight, but a portion of that from above (the house). For example, the walls must be strong enough to support the weight of the ceiling and the roof.

This may seem like a big job to undertake and can seem a bit overwhelming, but it is extremely important to get this stage of the process perfect to continue with your renovation work. If you are unsure on what type of groundworks you need or want to ask further questions and you are based in Crawley, Sussex, Surrey, or any of the surrounding areas, please get in touch.