Moling is a special form of underground digging that shoots what's called a 'Mole' from one place, to another. There are many benefits to using this method, such as; less disruption than the conventional methods of pipe and cable laying. An impact mole can easily be used in areas that are inaccessible to diggers, or where there is not room to trench by hand. An example of this could be running an impact mole underneath your neighbours garden or road.

This service enables pipes, cables, ducts and sleeves to be installed under the ground, avoiding the mess and disruption caused by mechanical diggers. This can avoid the scarring and sinking of a trench after backfilling with a digger.

There are three main trenchless methods, the most common being impact moling. This is where the machine is set for example one side of the road, and a reciever is set the other side of the road. This means the pipe or duct can then be pushed through manually or attached to the back of a machine depending on the ground conditions and materials being used.

You can achieve a 200mm diameter bore with impact moling.

Ramming is a method used in extremely hard or unstable ground. A ramming mole is attached to the back of a steel tube and knocked through the ground. Once installed the core is then removed leaving a clear passage. With this method you can make access from 50mm diameter to 4m in diameter

There is also an option for directional drilling. The head of the drill is traced above ground with a computer and it's direction is controllable, enabling us to travel distances in the region of 150m at a time. This type of method has prevented expensive and lengthy road closures.

Moling is also environmentally friendly as tarmac or concrete broken out for a trench wouldn't need to be taken down to landfill, as the material on the surface of the ground wouldn't be harmed.

We currently cover all areas of Sussex and Surrey, from Crawley, Horsham, Newdigate, Worthing, Brighton, Leatherhead, Redhill, Reigate and many more. Contact us if you require our expertise in Moling.