What are Groundworks?

Here at Monaghan Groundworks we focus of groundworks services and solutions. Included in this is underpinning.

Underpinning is a method that we use to increase the stability of a building. It is also used to increase the depth of foundations and to repair faulty foundations, making them safer. You may wish to use our underpinning service if you are thinking about adding an extension onto your home or if you are increasing the number of stories on your home. Underpinning will strengthen the foundations for the new structures to be put in place.

How do you know whether underpinning is right for you?

An easy tell-tale sign of when best to choose underpinning, is when you start to see visible cracks. The foundations need underpinning when the cracks are wider than 0.6cm and you start to see noticeable faults. Underpinning does tend to involve a small amount of upheaval of your property, as we would need to excavate sections of the already laid foundations and place a concrete pit in each section to ensure it is stable.

Although damaged foundations may seem like a huge risk to your home, if noticed and acted on quickly, with the right resources and tools, there should be nothing to worry about. If you are based in Crawley, Sussex or Surrey, or any of the surrounding areas and require more information or need some advice, please get in touch.